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Avatar Masterclass: All you always wanted to know

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Following the latest Metaverse trend and transition, the creation of Digital Humans is becoming more an more an Hot Topic. This is affecting as well the appearance of the Avatar we use in the Product creation. Improve your skills and get your expertise to the next level: with this masterlcass you will learn everything you always wanted to know about Avatars! Will see together how to to deal with different avatars using the most effective softwares on the market Create your own Avatar in Daz: You will learn how to create your hyper-realistic Avatar in Daz Studio. Daz is a free software with incredible potential when it comes to create and pose Avatars Learn how to pose in Mixamo: Mixamo is an online free tool from Adobe that will rig your model’s skeleton automatically. You do not need any advanced knowledge of rigging. Take it to simulate clothing in CLO3D: CLO 3D is a well known 3D software for Apparel that allows you to create Digital garments and render them In this Masterclass you will get more than 2 hours of contents and downloadable Assets. Keep your own pace and watch the lessons wherever you are!

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