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3D Technology has taken root in almost every industry in the world

and fashion is no exception because the benefits offered by digital are multiple.

Over the past decade, 3D technology has made considerable progress and the clothing industry is starting to adopt it. Many retailers and brands have adopted 3D to optimize processes, accelerate product development and customized products from the initial design stage.

In this way, decision-makers can choose the right range of products for sale by producing fewer physical samples. The use of 3D offers many advantages.

However, it is difficult to convince fashion companies to abandon their long-standing processes. This is even more true in a sector in which fashion shows have always been the means of promotion for new collections, resulting in the production of many prototypes.

Let’s see the 3 advantages you should pitch to gain 3D funds in your company:


1. Reducing waste and being more sustainable

3D technology can help companies significantly reduce their inventory and material requirements. Technology is the best solution for the fashion industry to avoid any waste related to the traditional garment development process. With 3D technology, the need for physical prototypes and adaptation samples is drastically reduced, thus saving on the costs and materials of real samples. Sampling 3D adaptation is advantageous for all designers and brands who want to switch to ethical and sustainable business practices.

2. Follow the trends faster and more efficiently

The 3D assets offer greater flexibility and agility when it comes to meeting market demands.

Brands could use Digital prototypes to collect mass data on social media, way before producing a single item.

Digital design minimizes the need for physical samples not only during the development process but also in any aspects related to marketing and trendsetting.

3. Time reduction

You can save up to 50% of product development time by presenting hundreds of digital models in just a few weeks. This also allows you to show all colour variations, sizes and styles without additional costs or delays in preparation, halving the number of physical prototypes.

If you want to discover more about this world, book a free consultation with us.

Let us show you how strategic the 3D implementation is and how you and your company could easily reach your purposes!

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